Registered Office And Agent For Service (Per Year)

Registered Office And Agent For Service (Per Year)

$ 150

Registered Office is the official address of an incorporated company and is a physical location in Alberta for an Alberta legal entity. The address must be accessible to the public during normal business hours and readily identifiable from the address or any other description is given. Agent for Service is an entity within Alberta that can accept service on behalf of your corporation. The Agent must have a street address, land description, or mailing address in Alberta.

New Urban Registry can act as your company’s registered office and/or Agent for Service

Forms Required:


Documents Required:



Please provide us with a forwarding mailing address, the articles and contact information for your corporation.


$250.00 per year

Payment information:

We accept credit cards and all forms of payment but an additional 3% fee for all credit card transactions will apply.

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