Disabled Placarad

Handicap Parking Placard

You must have a form completed by your doctor.
You can get this form from our office or your doctor’s office.
Please see the list of registration fees for the current cost.
The intent of the Handicap Parking Placards (Disabled Parking Placards) program is to provide an easily recognizable method for law enforcement officials to enforce parking restrictions, ensuring that designated parking zones remain available for the use and convenience of people with disabilities that affect their ability to walk.
Any person who presents an approved application from a physician that he or she is entitled to disabled parking privileges could be eligible, regardless of their age. The disability could be long-term (permanent) or short-term (at least three months).
Visitors to Alberta who are disabled are eligible for a short-term placard for the duration of their visit and do not have to provide either their disabled placard from home nor medical documentation.
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