Calgary Corporate Registry Information

A new system was implemented in 1998 that enables companies to incorporate more easily than in the past. Accredited service providers are able to examine your documents for completeness and compliance to the law and enter your information electronically. Processing that sometimes took days in the past can now generally be done while you wait.

The government will no longer provide corporate registration services. We are a Level III service provider -LEVEL I, LEVEL II, and LEVEL III of Corporation services. The government will, however, still have ownership of all the information that is collected and stored on the new database. Strict security measures have been implemented to protect the integrity and security of all data collected. We offer a COMPLETE line of Corporate registration services.


Searches for existing corporations will show such public information as address, directors, shareholders and status. Please see the list of registration fees for the current cost.

For searches for existing Trade names and Partnerships, please see the list of registration fees for the current cost.


Proprietorship or Sole Proprietorship

A sole proprietorship is the simplest of all business organizations. When a person decides to operate a business without any formal business structure in place, that person operates a sole proprietorship. Quite simply, an individual with goods and services to offer conducts business either under their own name or under another name.

Unlike a registered corporation, a sole proprietorship is not a distinct entity apart from the individual. The sole proprietor owns all the assets of the proprietorship. Income from the business forms part of the personal income of the sole proprietor and is taxed accordingly. Therefore, an important reality of operating a sole proprietorship is that the owner has unlimited liability for the debts and liabilities of the business. When the sole proprietor dies or retires, the sole proprietorship ends.


In a partnership the business is owned and operated by two or more persons. These partners own all the business assets, share the profits and are jointly and separately liable for the partnership debts and liabilities. A debt of the partnership can be collected from any one of the partners or any combination of the partners. Fundamentally, each partner acts on behalf of the partnership and on behalf of the other partners.

A partnership is a contractual agreement that can be dissolved upon expiration of the partnership agreement or sooner by agreement of the partners. If the partners cannot agree upon dissolution, any partner can apply for a court order to dissolve it.A partnership is a contractual agreement that can be dissolved upon expiration of the partnership agreement or sooner by agreement of the partners. If the partners cannot agree upon dissolution, any partner can apply for a court order to dissolve it.

Trade Names

A name under which a business operates is called its trade name. A sole proprietorship, a partnership or a corporation can do business under a trade name. You can register a trade name and although this does not provide right of ownership to that trade name it does provide proof that you have done business under that trade name from a certain date.

Although it is not mandatory, it is recommended that a search be done prior to registering a trade name.


A corporation is a legal entity created by the filing of certain documents. Being a legal entity a corporation has the rights, powers and privileges of an individual. A corporation is a legal entity separate from its shareholders and it also has certain tax and financial advantages. Any business carried on for profit can become a corporation.

Once you decide to incorporate as a named company you will have to have a NUANS® report done. (If you are going to be a numbered company you don’t need a name search.) The NUANS® will show you all existing corporations with names similar to your suggested name. Because you want no conflicts you should avoid to use a name that is identical to that of another corporation.

We also complete Federal Incorporations (CANADA) at a very reasonable price. Federal services include Incorporations, Searches, Bankruptcy Searches, Annual Returns and Corporation name approval.

Annual Reports

Once a company has been incorporated it must file a report annually to maintain its Active (on going) business status. A reminder form is sent out annually by Corporate Registries prior to the anniversary of the company’s incorporation.

Limited Partnerships

A limited partnership differs from a general partnership in that in a general partnership all partners share equally in the responsibility and liability of the company. In a limited partnership there can be some general partners with unlimited liability , but also limited partners who will not be liable for the obligations of the limited partnership except to the extent of the capital which they have contributed.

For a list of all Corporate registration fees please click here.