Vital Statistics Information

Alberta Vital Statistics is responsible for maintaining records of births, marriages and deaths that occur in Alberta.

As a Registry Agent we process applications for the following:

  • Certificate of Birth (available with personal information only or personal information & parentage)
  • Certificate of Marriage (available in wallet or framing size)
  • Certificate of Death (available in framing size only)
  • Certified Photographic Print of a Registration of Birth/Stillbirth, Marriage or Death
  • Certified Photographic Print of a Medical Certificate of Death/Stillbirth Certified Photographic Print of Legal Change of Name Certificate
  • Search letter for a birth/stillbirth, marriage or death

Who Can Apply for the Above Certificates?

Generally only the person themselves or any person who has the written authorization of the individual whose certificate is being requested. Lawyers and other agencies can also make the request, as long as it is submitted on their letterhead. If in doubt, please check with us (403) 288-3333.


How Long Does it Take to Obtain the Certificate?

Applications for certificates are processed by the Government the next working day and are received by mail. There is a rush service available to pick up the certificate at our office in 2-3 business days. 

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Certificates for events that occurred during the last thirty days may not be available if the event has not been registered. It may take up to one month for Vital Statistics to receive birth, marriage or death information from hospitals, ministers and funeral homes. You can still make the application, but the certificate will not be issued till the event information has been received by Vital Statistics.

Alberta Residents:

If you require a Birth, Marriage or Death Certificate, you may print the following form. Read the instructions carefully and fill in the required information. You must bring this form in person to our registry office with a piece of your ID:

Click for Birth, Marriage or Death Certificate for Alberta Residents

Non-Alberta Residents:

Please Contact Registry Connect

Authorized Agent for the Government of Alberta

PO Box 386, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5J 2J6

Telephone (780) 415-2225 Fax (780) 415-2226